Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bday & Sanctuary

Yesterday was my lil' nephew's 2nd Birthday. The whole family celebrated at my uncle's new residence which is frickin' huge and has a nice sized pool and hot tub. The humidity was incredibly intense but I dealt with it by having a few cold beers and mixed drinks. I then went off exploring all the rooms in my uncle's home. I believe I counted a total of 10 rooms and 5 bathrooms. The last room I discovered was this really interesting segmented space behind the garage which used to be a studio apartment but has been vacant for quite some time. The bedroom area was located up in a loft that seemed cut off from virtually everyone and everything. I lied on the bed which was nestled between a wall and a book shelf. I then noticed a small window a few feet from the book shelf which allowed just the right amount of sunlight to stream in. I then thought to myself, "This is the sanctuary I've been waiting for all my life."

I fell asleep right then and there and didn't wake up until two hours later. It was a great rest. As I rejoined the festivities most of my relatives said they had begun to wonder where I went off to. I told them I had found a hidden sanctuary and they just laughed and continued drinking. I didn't expect them to understand. It is MY sanctuary; not anyone else's.

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