Thursday, March 29, 2012


Pretty Engaging

Someone once told me it is better to want to know who you are than not have any clue or desire. I don't recall who it was that said this but he was pretty engaging. Next thing I knew I was soaring up over the highest mountains and the thickest arrogance.

A part of me remains with the human race. But my majority surrounds the ether of all existence.

Fix A Flat

Monday, March 26, 2012

Compassionate Chocolate

Girl Self Posing

I sketched out this nude figure rather quickly but I do like the way it turned out.

Considerate Sandwich



When I was asleep it didn't feel like I was asleep. Maybe that's the whole point of it. The drool that would excessively moisten my pillow seemed to have a very real purpose. And I suppose it did.

I would close my eyes and count backwards from one hundred. It proved to be only somewhat effective. Minutes later they'd shoot open and then I'd be reminded of the complexities of reality.

Isn't it fascinating how none of us have ever been taught how to sleep? It is strictly intuitive. Well... for most of us it is intuitive. Everyone knows how to sleep or is at least familiar with the concept of sleep.

And the resulting effect from sleep is just as intuitive; the dream state. Therein lies an even greater mystery.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

One Million Breaths

How many times a day do you take a deep breath? Three? Four? Five? It must be more than a dozen, more than a hundred. But I suppose the exact number is not too important. Or maybe it is so important that it immediately becomes irrelevant.

Just as there are millions and millions of reasons for breathing; there are millions and millions of atoms holding it all together. Is there any excuse for being so apathetic towards the whole of creation? You may think there is but I think not.

Do not put your faith in things like greed, materialism, vanity, employment or capitalism. Such things are not capable of providing permanent happiness. You can fool yourself over and over but then that would just make you look like a court jester.

How many times a day do you contemplate? I mean really contemplate. There's no need to fear contemplation. Why would you fear it anyway? Of all the things in this world to fear... contemplation is definitely not one of them. Neither is breathing.

Take one million deep breaths daily. Contemplate one million profound deaths daily. Live, Love, Laugh.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Waded

I was alone but oh not completely. The trees and sunshine with their magnified marvels spoke to every bone in my body. I waded in shallow ends because everyone else chose the deep end. Too late? Too little time passes by each day when you're bored out of your mind.

Have you ever been bored out of someone else's mind? Nope, of course not. So why should I even admit to wanting to stand side by side with malcontents? In the clear, calm water I see my face. It displays the horrors and simplicities of the world. It is my friend. My amigo.

Hello! How are you? It asks me. I am fine and dandy. I reply then dive head first into a group of middle aged scuba divers.

Jury Duty - Sebastian Maniscalco's "What's Wrong With People"

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Potential Reality

This "reality" we all live in is not the only one that is possible. Imagine all the unforeseen forces and energies that must pass through us simultaneously at the speed of light and faster. We need not know all of them but rest assured they know all about us. Of course, they are not physical nor flesh and do not look upon us with the same contempt as we look upon ourselves.

We believe we are inferior or superior to most. But we are all equal; inescapably equal. No human can ever maintain permanent control over another human. It is just not possible. The unforeseen want us to understand this and embrace this. But they know we must each be willing and open to such a philosophy. The upside... every being throughout the Universe inevitably comes to a profound awakening of the Heart, Mind and Soul.

Don't ever think for one micro-second that you are worthless. That is the biggest absurdity to ever be thought! We are alive because we need to be. Because existence wills it and we continue to meticulously craft it. Whatever you think reality is supposed to be there is always a brighter one awaiting us. Never stop believing in the quality of human potential.

Daily Thought #4

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Maybe The Sky

What it all is I cannot say. Maybe the sky is not blue but a mere shade of fuschia. My hands, they are the ones that allow me to create whatever finality comes to mind. Last time I noticed something vague hanging out the window. Looked to be a withered face; possibly an older gentleman.

What do you see when you stare into your own reflection? Is it negative? Is it positive? Does it compliment your personality and fame? It should.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I Write What

I write what I write when I want to write it. No limitations do I adhere to. No editor do I refer to. It is all straight from my stream; the universal stream. I write what I write because to write about nonsensical choices does not serve anyone but a few wealthy fat cats.

My words manifest out of the ether and float down into my brain. Each vowel and consonant knows not what to do until I bargain with them and ask them to arrange and rearrange the tale of all tales. Yes, I manipulate verbs and so forth but most of the time it is the verbs that manipulate.

All words are capable of conjugating themselves. Just like all humans are capable of loving themselves. Language explores more than standards and stanzas. There is a certain rhythm to each tongue. Maybe a bit imperceptible to our ears but very real and underneath every word that has been spoken since the birth of language.

I write what I write when I choose to write it. The muse she never waits. So why should I?