Monday, April 30, 2012

Ain't a Song (Series)

 I painted these three in somewhat of a painstaking manner but I do like the end result. I originally wanted them to have a lot more texture and fluidity but they are what they are. I've already sold the first one on ebay.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blue Star Girl

Wow. I had a seriously sexy dream. I had become a very beautiful girl with tattoos and multi-colored hair. I was me but not me. Everyone was attracted to me/her. Even I could not take my eyes off of me/her. I got the sense that she/I had had many love affairs. She/I loved to dance erotically and get people riled up as much as possible. Her body was practically flawless. A row of blue star tattoos ran down her left hip and leg. They accentuated her curves very nicely.
The dream ended when some less attractive woman ran up to me/her and admitted to falling in love with me/her. The woman was crying a lot. Nothing else happened after that. I woke up then knew I had to write about it.

Hmmm. Fascinating.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cultivation (Abundance)

Why do I insist on
marveling at your
Elegant beauty
is it fate that tempts me?
Do you not see why
I'd rather lay down
in soiled gutters
than deny my
with You
In You
pain seems all
too frivolous
(my dreams enjoy abundance)
your beauty
has become
my own
Personal recollection
I adore you oh so needlessly
I can never turn away
From it (ever)
Won't someone please
Tell me
How to diminish
this wave-like
(wish it were possible)
Apathy makes love to me now
The dissonance
Helps cultivate
My character
I am in need of
A new plot
I forgot
how it was
This all

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Create Us More

I created You
You created me
Sniff the mildew
Sitting atop
It is feeling
Can you slop on
Piles of yellow ochre
Just begging to
Feel stronger
For You
Create Us
Some More

Arrogant Sigh

My brain is perplexed by
Your Worriment
Yellow skies translate
Human lies
Into what they so
Obviously represent
Nominal creations
Fortify what gets left behind
By the wasted sigh
Is it unnerving to you?
How undeserving of you
To believe yourself
The only species
Capable of
My brain is perplexed
By your allegorical

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vast Surrounding

I walk outside and inhale the night air. It reminds me of something vast. Nothing in particular; just vastness itself. My nextdoor neighbor sits on his porch and begins a conversation with his dog; a chihuahua named Bruno. I laugh then look up at the North Star. It twinkles and sparkles so magnificently that I swear I could hear it speak eloquently. "What are you trying to tell me, North Star?" It twinkles twice then thrice. I wish I understood star language. I take one long breath then exhale very slowly. Who knows if mankind will ever truly understand the magnificence that surrounds us?


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Her essence was both sweet and sour. She pursed her lips together and mimed some Spanish verbs. I eyed her hips as she jogged around the block. Her curvature pleased me. I wanted to grasp her arm and spin her around.
She turned the corner; I hesitated but followed. I imagined what I might say to such a beauty. "Hello! I adore you!" No... she'd be creeped out by that.
I jogged a little closer until I could see the butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder blade. It was blue with purple polka dots on its wings. Just above its antennae was the name Linda. I uttered the name quietly but not quiet enough. She stopped jogging, turned around and smiled at me.
"Hola!" She said. "Hola!" I said. I tried to think of what other Spanish words I knew. My memory evaded me.
"I don't mind if you follow me. I could use the company." She spoke excellent English.
"Oh uh okay. How far do you usually run?" I asked hesitantly. "Not very far. I just started up again. But not because I want to lose weight. I just like being outside in the sunshine. You know what I mean?" She began stretching her arms towards the sky. For a brief moment I thought she was actually going to touch it.
"Yes. I do know what you mean. By the way, my name's David." I offered my hand, she shook it. "Pleased to meet you, David. I'm Linda." She stopped stretching then started jogging again. I resumed keeping pace with her.
"Nice to meet you, Linda. Would you mind if I kissed you right now?" I was surprised I had actually spoken those words.
She did not appear bothered by it at all. We both stopped jogging and counted our breaths.
"You really want to kiss me?" She ran her fingers through her auburn hair. "Yes I do. I truly do." We stared deep into each other's eyes; deeper than two individuals have ever stared. Time became a distant recollection.
Finally, I leaned forward and then she leaned forward. Our lips came into contact at precisely the right second. Sparks flew off us and propelled into the cosmos. A surge of passion ignited within me then quickly transmuted into telekinetic waves.
I looked down at my feet and noticed them hovering several inches off the asphalt. Linda noticed too and proceeded to kiss me harder and with more gusto. A loud thunderous echo reverberated throughout both of our bodies.
"The light! It is embracing us!" Linda shouted in ecstacy. Two immense beams of light quickly wrapped around us and elevated us to a higher vibration.
"We are returning to where it all began!" Linda exclaimed. I could not speak. I felt very, very serene. We both soared through an infinite amount of illumination until every part of us was broken down and absorbed back into the entirety of existence.
We returned home. Now... we are able to shine down on all of mankind.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Deceiver

I have titled this acrylic painting The Deceiver. I believe it is an amalgamation of different people and personalities I am familiar with.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Remember when the Alamo
Was just an inkling of a plot?
Don't believe the Grand Canyon
Was always so Grand
Or that leaning tower
Of Pisa, Piza?
Was there ever a plan
To unite such monoliths
With their respective
Who can say but for sure?
The unplayed drifter's hand
Do you... you do understand!
It is this wondrous land
Of which we cannot escape
Nor abide by its naturalistic laws
We may as well all become
Farmers forever
Toiling the earth