Monday, September 30, 2013


Some believe Ernest Hemingway was some unique prophet disguised as an alcoholic writer. Me... I don't know about that. Would be cool if it were true but no one can really say if it was or wasn't. Just like with most things.

I'd like to believe that in a couple of decades, or longer, people will be saying something similar about me and my work. If they don't... fine. I just get the strong feeling that it is a real possibility. I don't believe in much but I do believe in possibilities.

Why don't most people believe in possibilities? I suppose there's no clear cut general answer.

A few years back I started paying more attention to the evening sky. I don't know what prompted it. I just all of a sudden felt like watching the stars one evening.

Those giant balls of gas hardly get the recognition they deserve. I mean... they are capable of existing for thousands or even millions of years! Could you imagine what that must be like? Of course not! We humans are only capable of seeing and believing what's right in our direct line of sight.

If you could live to be say oh 1,000 years old how would you spend most of your life? If your answer has anything to do with accumulating a vast fortune or any other sort of material gain I am sorry to say that I personally believe your answer is far too one sided to be even remotely "realistic."

We're talking about 1,000 years here! 1,000 years old! As it stands right now the average life expectancy of a semi-healthy human being is between 75-78 years of age. Yet, somehow most people still find it necessary to cling to very superficial and impermanent things.

Life is indeed short. We ALL know this! But the majority of us also blatantly choose to deny this fact!

So, how has mankind spent most of its existence? We've spent many centuries conquering one another, oppressing one another, violently abusing each other, starting wars, causing famine, causing disease, causing general disorder and mayhem within our own cities etc. etc.

I guess it's no real wonder why we have trouble believing in possibilities. Though, I do believe it is a serious issue that should be discussed at great length with every individual.

Granted, that's just my personal belief and/or opinion.

I do, however, also believe that multiple choices/possibilities are available to us in any given moment. Yes, it is ultimately up to each of us to make our own decisions. Just remember this:

Every choice we make leads to more choices and options and introduces us to people who must also choose which path to follow. And their choice may or may not be based on your choice. If we cut out all the middle work we will find that ALL paths are interconnected and interdependent.

One person can make a difference but an entire planet of people can accomplish anything! ANYTHING!

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Oh the mighty versus the weak. A poet knows what's what. The populace would much rather blow each other to pieces than hug and forgive minor offenses.

Before we know it - 1,000 years doesn't come soon enough. And we all transmute back into the Earth's crust.

Friday, September 27, 2013

We All Gotta'

We all gotta' love each other! You can deny it all you want and say it is a "crazy" idea but it won't change the fact that we all just gotta' love each other!

One More Life

Dante wishes
Ombra perfection
Science project
Angelic abstracts
The face faints
To centre
These jealousies
Mean to distill purity
As constellations
Come to life
All human beings shape
Their own demise
Which leads to
One more Life

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Smell Evolves

Was a man with a guitar
Little notes swapped intuitive
Learned languages phased
Out-side got spit on
Set on fire
By insane christianity
Bags of caramel crunch
Roughly smoothed lovers
Hags threw up their lunch
Gin soaked affluence
Dumpsters, peering in boxes
Cardboard warms him
Stars in sky
Spell out liberation
The world is unappreciative
Consider trash, garbage
Influential instantaneous
Was a man / with a truth
The music smell evolves

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Self Involved

A rich emporium of eagle satin pleasure troves of unfamiliar dyslexia feels normal. Stood by her only broken thumb and wrist to douse the pain points with my mental minutiae. Funny, funnily space is a farce not far from fortitude. Speaking up for the loneliness inside us all.

The tubes are light like pancakes and butter and not syrup. Science makes believers into cynics: purposeful fortuitous. Jesus, the back hurts. Say it will mimic okay.

Each day the sun sparkles in particular for whorish mannerisms. Say, I said that that would find you in unknown states of cholera. Pandemic, handle your broom pushing allegory. Turtles have lived for centuries before us human beings. I am quite certain they will outlive whole generations of peoples.

I cannot find a reason to ask out carnality and bring some home with me. Why? What for? Carnal delights are only delightful once in a plaid moon. If, if, if. If at all.

For what washer there was no doubt over the matter of a waxy hearted life filled and unfilled with lots of cello cellophane teardrops. Fangs to scrub with toothbrushes. Silvery stars crossed uncrossed vague delusions. Get her some special treatment, lotion.

(Aware of lifetime, a lifetime gone by.)

What is time? What is tiime? What is you? What is me? What is we? What is why? Why is why?

Another bossy window whore. She denies the cultural existence of another other follower who begins to dabble in the black arts. Arts of good-ness subtle wings fanciful the trees, trees, trees try reconnecting us with the truth of the matter of factual evidential screamo skies. (!)

In a very particular way I chased after her afterthought. The sidewalk felt firm yet agile. She said she was once a lioness in a previous life. I believed her only because she scribbled fiction on a plain paper plate. Connect dots; the dots connect every single thang thing.

Delineate the process. Belittle the essence. Sanctify the wholeness.

An estimated reading time of one minute and nine seconds is not a goal. 1,111 bodily counts down the melee. Exruciating in detailed spring memories surrender it all to the lasting symbolic deafness.

Egg sandwiches. Egg salad. Fried egg sandwiches.

Nearest molecules build us up in every possible vagueness. Absent minded I emplore the use of deoxy ribonucleic acid in my work. See it, sing it, want it, be it, it it.

We are our own victims. Victimized desensitized.

Self involved confusions usually involve rotating patterns of starlight. If at all, all.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Mirror Man

Saw a man in the streets lugging around an oversized mirror. You see he used to be a very successful stockbroker. He had it all: money, women, cars, vacation homes & plenty of recreational drugs at his disposal.

Then one day everything changed for him. He made one bad investment after another and lost millions! He defaulted on every loan and had all of his material things sold off at an auction. He was devastated. He tried to buy back his stuff but all he could afford was that mirror.

It once belonged to his grandfather and had been in his family for hundreds of years. His grandfather gave it to him on his deathbed and told him, "This mirror is very special. It can bring you lots of good luck or lots of bad luck. It all depends on what kind of person you are."

He did not believe his grandfather initially but now that he has lost almost everything he doesn't know what to believe. Therefore, he remains determined to hang on to that mirror for however long it takes him to get back his fortune.

Even if it means lugging it around for all eternity.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Forward Forward

Forward, forward, sideways across. She carries her only daughter across the river known only as River Hardly. The words to describe such an event are numerous and un-nameable. One must be careful not to pursue a lengthy description when trying to amuse the masses.

But the masses are stupid, unfortunate, desolate & lonely creatures of habit! Unlike that woman with her only daughter, still but stained by her wanting happiness. Illusory things mutate choiceless advantages.

A Fact That Should Be In ALL History Books

Nikola Tesla was working on a way to provide 100% FREE, clean & renewable energy to ALL of mankind! When JP Morgan found out he hired some thugs to destroy his laboratory and burn it to the ground. Tesla's free energy would've had far reaching applications. Including powering all forms of transportation.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


You do not make sense when compromised by allegorical fantastical fables created by transnational capitalists. Sure seems like the second coming of rice pudding in your suede pants but oh you couldn't be any more right. The sun is a beauty of which we doubt retroactively.

People call me Bryan but my name is not Bryan! Is it really so hard to pronounce RYAN?! What is it that they are thinking of the live long day? Oh wait.... I guess the latest newest same old smartphone is more important than committing my name to memory. It makes sense, yes. No!

But whatever. Whatnot. I promise to only care about my own interests so long as people keep forgetting my name. Please... please do not pity me. I don't mean to sound pitiful or decompressed. I only wish to make my frustrations known and unknown and then if time allows... known once more.

Stare intently down a darkened well and you will only begin to understand a tenth of what I am alluding to. Our biological makeup persists, further. Furthermore, when will all these self important pop stars stop showing off their genitalia?

The human mind mimics that which we inhabit. By which I mean our beautiful planet. I do not wish to go off on some long, long descriptive romantic tangent here. Maybe I should, but I won't. No, not yet.

We've all got desires. You know what I mean! Desires are those things that we really don't need but yet somehow we feel like life would have no meaning without them. And I don't just mean superficial things like money and steamy sex.

Let's face it, if you don't know what desires are then you probably shouldn't have them. Complete.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Life is a mutual folly of which we do not understand. These are the accepted terms we agreed upon before entering this vortex of beautiful chaotic convergence. It is fun, it is functional.

I cannot stress enough the importance of not stressing over the minutiae. It all makes clever, clever sense now. See it in your prefrontal cortex of shame. Begin to explore that which you have no control over. Over, over the rainbow of plain spoken banalities. Greatness abounds here.

We learned to walk at a young age for a reason. We learned to form sounds into things called words for a very great purpose. Why then is it so hard to believe that our existence exists for a reason? Why?

Do you enjoy being fooled by fallacies and liars? Of course not! I know it seems easier said than done... I know! But that does not make it an impossibility.

At best it is a mutual improbability (possibility).

Saturday, September 14, 2013

This Civilization

This civilization
Too much


Woman at door with child selling chocolate bars for $1 for her son's baseball team. Baseball? Who the hell still plays baseball?

I purchased one, a Milky Way bar. Makes me think of the galaxy we inhabit. I believe there should be an Andromeda bar or a Crab Nebula bar. The entire Universe should be paid tribute.

People don't give a damn. They say they do but they don't. Sure, they're busy with the day to day stuff but none of that would be possible if the Universe didn't exist.

It may be bad - it may be good. Whatever you choose to call it it's still a part of the entirety of existence. This you mustn't deny!

If you try to outwit existence you will only end up creating more negative illusions to get caught up in. Catch yourself now before the final dinner bell is rung.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No Longer Seems

Now that burger king has "invented" the french fry burger and Apple is running out of ideas.... My own idea for left handed pants no longer seems ludicrous. :-)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Like you
Need it!
Revolt like you
Take no
No one!
You Down!
You've gotta' REVOLT!
You've gotta' REVOLT!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We are REVOLT! (My band)

Here's a pic of us rocking out in our practice space. I'm on the left. Al-Drums, Blue-Bass, Ryan(me)-Guitar, Frank-Singer(not in picture). We are REVOLT!


Is not

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Play

It is all a play. We are all a part of some grand idealized mystical play. It is called life and we play out our respective roles even when we don't feel up to it.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Before 2 am

The clock
2:00 am
I scratch
My beard stubble
Some words
My head
Some other words
Then grow
Their own
It is a sight
Hard to describe
A whole new
Is birthed
Out of little more
My verbs, adjectives
An entirely sufficient race prospers
They prosper before
2:00 am