Wednesday, July 31, 2013

During the Night

During the night is when I amuse my mind the most. It calls out to me and tells me to learn and relearn many historical anomalies. Not everyone admires my creative process. This I understand and am aware of in its entirety.

What must I do in order to get people to actually read the many things that I write? Perhaps I should cause a big riot or promise some sort of powerfully enchanting incentive. Bullshit! It won't matter what I do.

Sure, I am that visionary that most of us only hear about from other visionaries. It still makes no difference; statistically. Vanity tends to fare better in modern society.

Know it all, know it all. We love to believe we are smart enough to know true wisdom when confronted by it but really we have no clue. We live in the information age but we ignore all of the useful information and take to heart the fluff.

Oh the subtlety vanquishes our needs objectively. Only because we pursue the gold and abolish the spiritual. This is no lie.

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