Sunday, September 15, 2013


Life is a mutual folly of which we do not understand. These are the accepted terms we agreed upon before entering this vortex of beautiful chaotic convergence. It is fun, it is functional.

I cannot stress enough the importance of not stressing over the minutiae. It all makes clever, clever sense now. See it in your prefrontal cortex of shame. Begin to explore that which you have no control over. Over, over the rainbow of plain spoken banalities. Greatness abounds here.

We learned to walk at a young age for a reason. We learned to form sounds into things called words for a very great purpose. Why then is it so hard to believe that our existence exists for a reason? Why?

Do you enjoy being fooled by fallacies and liars? Of course not! I know it seems easier said than done... I know! But that does not make it an impossibility.

At best it is a mutual improbability (possibility).

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