Friday, December 2, 2011

December Creativity

 Hello gents and ladies or whomever happens to be reading this. I don't know exactly who has or hasn't been frequenting my website but neither matters much. My Thanksgiving weekend went by faster than the time it took me to eat three helpings of turkey and stuffing. Mmmm turkey. I've been in the middle of a somewhat creative renewal this holiday season and all is going according to plan. I've finally started to paint on real canvas which I'm finding adds a lot more life to the colors I use and makes it easier to stretch and hang. I'm also busy preparing for recording a full length demo with my band, we already have the studio time booked for the next couple of weeks and will most likely spend a good month or so on the whole mixing/editing/mastering process. And of course I am always busy writing my eclectic poetry and circumstantial stories.

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