Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sky Falling

Usually people need to be smacked in the face before they can wake up. Can't really blame anyone or anything. We can try to blame but blaming is always futile. We ignore the person who shouts "The sky is falling!" Then only begin to care when the sky actually falls. Will this cycle end? Who knows? I personally believe it is good training for something much more beyond our collective egotism. But that does not mean much to us here and now. All we really can do is be more aware of our own thoughts and every now and then look up at the sky in order to acknowledge the infinity we're all a part of. Yes, it sounds spacey but it's the motha fkkin' truth! My perspective is my own and cannot be replicated. But that's all right. The human spirit is very resilient for a reason. Just don't expect to adapt quickly and effortlessly. Now with that stated.... "The sky is falling!"

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