Monday, March 5, 2012

I Write What

I write what I write when I want to write it. No limitations do I adhere to. No editor do I refer to. It is all straight from my stream; the universal stream. I write what I write because to write about nonsensical choices does not serve anyone but a few wealthy fat cats.

My words manifest out of the ether and float down into my brain. Each vowel and consonant knows not what to do until I bargain with them and ask them to arrange and rearrange the tale of all tales. Yes, I manipulate verbs and so forth but most of the time it is the verbs that manipulate.

All words are capable of conjugating themselves. Just like all humans are capable of loving themselves. Language explores more than standards and stanzas. There is a certain rhythm to each tongue. Maybe a bit imperceptible to our ears but very real and underneath every word that has been spoken since the birth of language.

I write what I write when I choose to write it. The muse she never waits. So why should I?

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