Sunday, March 25, 2012

One Million Breaths

How many times a day do you take a deep breath? Three? Four? Five? It must be more than a dozen, more than a hundred. But I suppose the exact number is not too important. Or maybe it is so important that it immediately becomes irrelevant.

Just as there are millions and millions of reasons for breathing; there are millions and millions of atoms holding it all together. Is there any excuse for being so apathetic towards the whole of creation? You may think there is but I think not.

Do not put your faith in things like greed, materialism, vanity, employment or capitalism. Such things are not capable of providing permanent happiness. You can fool yourself over and over but then that would just make you look like a court jester.

How many times a day do you contemplate? I mean really contemplate. There's no need to fear contemplation. Why would you fear it anyway? Of all the things in this world to fear... contemplation is definitely not one of them. Neither is breathing.

Take one million deep breaths daily. Contemplate one million profound deaths daily. Live, Love, Laugh.

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