Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Potential Reality

This "reality" we all live in is not the only one that is possible. Imagine all the unforeseen forces and energies that must pass through us simultaneously at the speed of light and faster. We need not know all of them but rest assured they know all about us. Of course, they are not physical nor flesh and do not look upon us with the same contempt as we look upon ourselves.

We believe we are inferior or superior to most. But we are all equal; inescapably equal. No human can ever maintain permanent control over another human. It is just not possible. The unforeseen want us to understand this and embrace this. But they know we must each be willing and open to such a philosophy. The upside... every being throughout the Universe inevitably comes to a profound awakening of the Heart, Mind and Soul.

Don't ever think for one micro-second that you are worthless. That is the biggest absurdity to ever be thought! We are alive because we need to be. Because existence wills it and we continue to meticulously craft it. Whatever you think reality is supposed to be there is always a brighter one awaiting us. Never stop believing in the quality of human potential.

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