Friday, June 8, 2012


When I woke up next to her I wanted to figure out why she went to bed with me in the first place. I leaned over her and gently nudged her back. She did not move. I then stroked her neck. She did not move. I whispered something sweet in her ear. She did not respond. I jumped up and stretched my back. The morning sunlight felt good on my face.

I stared at her face for a good long while. The small scar on her right cheek is a scar that I gave her; inadvertently. The other scars were given to her by many other males. Abominable males. I then twitched my ears and proceeded to lick her nose. Finally, she opened her eyes and smiled that beautiful smile of her's.

"Good morning, Whiskers!" She spoke then embraced me. I rubbed up against her stomach as she petted my head. She always knew how to make me pur. "Come on, Whiskers! Let's go into the kitchen and get you a saucer of milk!" She hopped into her slippers and skipped away. I obediently followed. Now I recall why I always wake up next to her. It's because we were made for each other.

She comforts me and I comfort her.

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