Friday, June 29, 2012

This and That

This is that and that was this. Making sure it all came from bliss. But is it not possible to accurately predict the epoch of mankind? I suppose not really. That reminds me of a lot of proverbs and anecdotes that continue to go unnoticed by the mass populace.

Fortunately, I am who I am because of the lives led by others. I am no thief because plenty of thieves have excelled before me. I am no scientist because plenty of scientists have disproved more theories than naught.

Could you imagine if I were to say discover a cure for cancer and distribute it to people in need for free? Come on... imagine. Okay so now imagine what might occur if I were to create some variation of the same useless product we've all grown tired of. I'd like to also distribute it for free but then if I did so we'd only succumb to boredom a lot sooner.

Most of the things we think we need are in fact not what we need. Sure, they serve a purpose but only a purpose that came into existence the second the product itself was created. I won't bother delving into all the horrific details of consumerism but suffice it say... we've all been manipulated for much too long.

The next time you see some overpriced piece of crap being promoted more times than a swedish massage stop and think for a minute. This could be that and that could be this. Don't spend your life chasing material things. You might just miss your bliss.

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