Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We Are Zen

Too late, too late. Too late to give a damn. Too late to pay attention to all of the magnificent things that surround you. Forever is the ticket. Time is the enemy. No sense in working within time's disorganized frame.

We time travel on a daily basis. You could say that our entire existence is based on our ability to traverse many decades and eras. You could say a lot of things but for sanity's sake you don't.

Vapidness consumes the populace. With or without consent. Much in the same way a body of government "governs" its citizens. Have you ever examined the word citizen? No you haven't. It consists of the words 'city' and 'zen'. Yes... zen! It is within our very nature to be tranquil.

Seems as though most of us run away from our true nature. Either because it scares us or because we know what an inconvenience it can be. I am here to say that it is not, nor has it ever been, an inconvenience. Don't believe me? Fine. The least you can do is take a few minutes out of your day to ponder the state of things.

One night, not too long ago, I camped underneath a clear starry sky. I had every intention of drinking too much and passing out that night but something within me caused me to pause a minute and look up at Orion's Belt. Each star twinkled in unison. It was almost as if they twinkled just for me. Me and the entire human race.

Then I looked at the Moon and did my best to inhale it's divine glow. Why does it glow so luminously? Was there ever a time when it didn't glow? Perhaps it too glows for us. Granted, I know there is some sort of long scientific explanation as to why it glows but I prefer my own interpretation.

For you see, existence cannot exist without something or someone living within it. The Universe would not be the Universe without us. And even if it could it would not be able to be the same Universe. It would be something else entirely.

We help each other evolve in many ways. And every time we learn something or have an enjoyable experience we automatically add to the collective stream of experience. This is more than a theory.

Is it really too late to give a damn? Maybe. It still would not change our perpetual movement towards some infinite realm of enlightenment. We are human. We are zen.

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