Monday, December 17, 2012

Look Into Glass

Looking into glass. We see each other's faults and flaws but let the wisdom of youth pass us by without so much as a hello. I may be young by all traditional standards but rest assured the molecules that compose my brain and body have existed since time began; and a million more years before that.

Age is often stereotyped but so is youth. Both are capable of insulting one another on a regular basis. Because of that I do not believe one holds more wisdom than the other. It is all a matter of levels. Different people achieve different levels of existence in order to gain new perspectives and insights into what we've come to call humanity.

Make no mistakes unless you truly learn from them. Don't expect every choice you make to be a successful one. Don't expect every relationship you have to be filled with non-stop romance and passion. Don't read something just because the mass populace says it is groovy. What the hell does the populace know?

If you want to find yourself, your true self, stare into some glass. Let your reflection reflect what you need to see and be. Respect yourself and others or just shut the hell up.

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