Saturday, September 29, 2012

As You

She still had that
Dollar store smell
As she stepped
On the gas
And hauled ass
I tried to stop her
But what for?
I could not come up
With a valuable reason
Now I have joined her
And now
We're in Mexico City
Drinking tequila
Eating enchiladas, rice, beans, corn
Corn chips dipped in the spiciest salsa
Ever made
And now
I think to myself
Why doesn't everyone
Do what we do?
Why must anyone witness
The changing seasons
Without knowing
Why they change?
Fear is no excuse
Beauty is not the recluse
You must know
That none of us were meant
To be
Shoved into
Cubicles, titles, positions
We are Life
We are
' and now I bid you adieu
And now
The sun sets
As passionately

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