Sunday, September 16, 2012

Greater Whole

A plural substance
Was I?
Ever so rich as to say
"You need me today. Everyday."
A singular influence
Keeps my passion
Her bodyguard permitted
the consumption of twelve
Root beer floats
A rectangular confluence
Prayed toward the heavens
but then it all felt
Too special
And it all was indeed
Too Special
The silver lining above
our heads
The invisible drudgery
making us dead
Did nothing but remind
Us of much more
Golden Days
So I grabbed a handful
Of stardust memories
I then hurled it upward
Watched it disappear
Into the voluminous void
I wanted to cry but opted
For a cheer
A singular being
Am I
A plural beginning
Is what courses
through all of us
"We need each other."
Sure we can despise
one another
all day long
That still does not diminish
The collective sorrow
Of our times
We are singular souls
But alas
Part of a much
Much Greater

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