Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Think About Sex

Why must I think about sex?
That girl at the bus stop
wearing a mini skirt and
see through blouse
excites me
As she smiles at me
I ignore her
Why must I think about sex?
When I arrive at the office
I am greeted by a sexy brunette
with more curves than she knows
what to do with
I look... I look but ignore her advances
Why must I think about sex?
I sit down at my desk and in no time
the super gorgeous blonde coworker
wearing hip hugging jeans
approaches me
She asks to borrow my stapler
I say yes and she very slowly leans toward me
to pick it up
she then lightly touches my forearm and
Walks back to her cubicle
I stare at her backside as she leaves
Why must I think about sex?
At lunch time I purchase a big
Tuna fish sandwich
then drive out to a vacant field
As I eat the sandwich in my vehicle
I think to myself
Why must I think about sex?
Somebody then taps on my window
I eat the last morsel of tuna as I
Roll it down
A pretty young girl pokes her head through
She asks why I am parked in a field
I take time with my reply then say
I'm trying not to think about sex
She smiles and nods her head
She points west and asks if
I could possibly give her a lift
To California
I nod my head
She hops in
And I floor the gas pedal
All the while thinking
Why must I

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